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More features to boost your loyalty program

Apart from the existing features there are some additional features which are available for the Loyalty Program

Tier Based Rewards

Tier-based rewards are useful as they incentivize customer loyalty by offering exclusive benefits and privileges as customers progress through different levels or tiers. Each tier comes with its own set of rewards and customers progress through these tiers by meeting certain criteria in Lifetime Order Value or Available Balance. This system is designed to recognize customer loyalty, encourage them to increase their engagement with your store. You can give tier specific benefits to your customers in two ways: By giving more coins to customers in higher tier using the Bonus Factor or by enabling special redemption rules for customers in a specific tier to offer more discounts.

To set up your tier based rewards, refer to this article:

Screenshot of how the customer can see brief details about the Tier or VIP program on the floating widget:

Coin Expiry

Expiring coins create a sense of urgency for customers to use their accumulated rewards within the specified timeframe. This urgency can motivate them to make additional purchases also the customers will be inclined to make more frequent purchases so as not to waste their rewards. You can also setup coin expiry notifications through emails, events and webhooks to nudge the customer about their expiring coins.

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Screenshot of how the customer can see brief details about the expiry on the floating widget:

Sending reminder mails

Customers might sometimes forget about their existing rewards, so reminder emails serve as prompts for customers to utilize their unused coins and coupons before they expire. Sending reminders keeps customers engaged with the rewards program, maintaining their interest and awareness. This can lead to increased redemption rates, ensuring that customers extract value from the rewards they have earned. Reminders can be sent through emails, events or webhooks. You can also customize the condition based on which reminders will be sent to the customers.

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Updated on: 18/03/2024

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