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Tier Based Rewards

This article explains how to create and manage tiers. You can reward your users based on various tiers

Visit the Tier Based Rewards Page. You can also find it under Rewards in the Loyalty Features Page inside the Loyalty Program.

As first step enable the tier based rewarding by toggling the status button on that page.

Defining the list of tier

Scroll to the List of Tiers section and define your tier names in increasing order of their value. Ex. bronze, silver and gold. To add new tier enter the tier name and hit enter and follow the same process until you have added all the tiers. You can add upto 10 tiers.

Please do not add/remove tiers after the tier based rewarding is live. In case you do, existing customers' tier will not automatically change. It will change only when customer performs some action that results in the recalculation of the tier.

Once you have added all the tiers, Click on the Update button to save the tiers

Defining the tier update conditions

Next, scroll to the Tier Update Conditions section and select the tier one by one and define the conditions. There are two Metrics based on which the customers tier can change, you need to select one from that.

​Possible metrics:

Available Coins - How many coins does the customer have currently
Lifetime Value - Total amount spent by the customer on your store till date

Now set the amount value, Move customer to this tier when available coins reaches the below value based on which the entry to tier will be given.

Ex. Suppose you have selected "Bronze" as Tier, "Available Coins" as Metric, and 200 as the Target value. Then whenever customer's "Available Coins" goes above "200", their tier will change to "Bronze"

Once you have added all the tiers, Click on the Update button to save the condition. Now do the same for all the tiers one by one.

Defining the tier reward conditions

Here, you can define the bonus factor for each tier. Bonus factor can be used to give additional coins to a customer who is on a higher tier.

For example, if someone gets 1000 coins for placing an order and they are on the "Gold" tier where bonus factor is 1.5, then they will get 1500 coins i.e 1.5 times more than normal reward.

To add the bonus factor, scroll to Tier Reward Conditions section. Select a tier and enter the bonus factor for that tier.

Optionally, you can also add an additional reward when the customer reaches a new tier under Action to execute when a customer is promoted to this tier

Click on the Update button to save the condition.

Now do the same for all the tiers one by one.

Tier based rewarding is applicable only for order rewards.

Defining redemption rules for specific tiers

After you have setup the tier based rewards, you can optionally create redemption rules exclusive for a specific tier. For example: you can give higher discounts to customers in your highest tier. Refer this article on how to do that:

You can give tier specific benefits to your customers in two ways: By giving more coins to customers in higher tier using the Bonus Factor or by enabling special redemption rules for customers in a specific tier. It is recommended you use any one method, and not both.

To enable or disable the tier based rewarding just toggle the status at the top of the page.

Screenshot of how the customer can see brief details about the Tier or VIP program on the floating widget or the rewards page.

Offering Discounts for a Specific Tier

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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