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Unused Coins Reminder

This article explains how to remind your customers if they have any unused coins.

Visit the Unused Coins Reminder Page. You can also find it under Expiry & Reminders in the Loyalty Features Page inside the Loyalty Program.

As first step enable the unused coin reminder feature by toggling the status button on that page. After enabling you will see the below view.

Scroll to the Unused Wallet Coin Notify section and add email/event/webhook notification for the customer.

Possible notification mediums are:

Email - You can setup an email, which will nudge the customer via email. PS. you can design the email template on nector dashboard.

Event - You can setup event, which will send event to connected tools like Klaviyo, Omnisend, Mailchimp etc, and on connected tool you can use the event data to send communication

Webhook - You can setup webhook, which will send event related data to your system

Now, scroll to the Configure Reminders section and define the condition based on which nector search for customer's who have the unused wallet coins and notify them.

Please enable the toggle, define the condition and click on the Update button to save it.

Understanding the condition‚Äč:

Check unused wallet coins from last n days - ideal value is 30, max is 60
Look for wallet transactions having status - only "success" is allowed
Wait for n days after coins were rewarded - ideal value is 7,
How many nudges to send - ideal value is 2, max is 5
Distance between followups - ideal is 10, After how many days nudge should be sent again

To enable or disable the unused coin reminder feature just toggle the status at the top of the page.

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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