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Customization of widget, adding FAQs and Website Prompts

Branding Options

Nector allows you to configure background and text colors, brand and coin names, and other elements, to enhance your platform's visual appeal and user experience. These colors and font will be used across all the widgets giving a consistent look and feel across your website.

To modify your Branding Options, refer to this article:

Rewards Widget

The Widget provides a convenient dashboard where you can track your points, learn about the ways to redeem, and monitor your progress towards achieving higher loyalty tiers. It also provides a FAQs section to find detailed answers to commonly asked questions. If you installed Nector via the shopify app store, then the rewards widget is automatically added and activated on your shopify store by default.

If you installed Nector app on your shopify store, the widget will be added automatically. If it is not visible on your store, please check the respective article below.

To add, in your Shopify Store, refer to this article:

To add, in your WooCommerce Store, refer to this article:

To add, in your Custom Website, refer to this article:

You can customize a few options like:

Widget Style
Widget Content

To learn how to customize, refer to this article:


FAQs provide a centralized location for users to access essential information about a product, service, or topic without having to navigate through multiple pages. This accessibility saves users time and effort. By addressing common questions upfront, FAQs can help reduce the volume of repetitive inquiries to customer support.

To add, refer to this article:


Website prompts are useful in enhancing user experience, and increasing engagement with the customers. It is important to strike a balance and not overuse the prompts as it can lead to negative user experience. Currently we allow four different kind of prompts,

Signup Prompt - It is used to nudge the non logged-in customers to login or signup so that they can earn and use their coins.
Coin Redeem Prompt - It is used to nudge the customers to use their coins.
Autoapply Prompt - It is used to take the consent of the customer to automatically redeem coins and apply the discount.
Coupon Redeem Prompt - It is used to nudge the logged-in customers to use a coupon that they already redeemed but haven't used yet.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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