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Integrate the Loyalty widgets on your website

Nector offers various widgets to enhance the promotion of your loyalty program and improve the overall user experience for customers, making the redemption of coins easier. They can be strategically placed on your shopify website or within the product pages to prominently feature details about the loyalty program. This includes information about earning and redeeming coins. It can seamlessly integrate with the customer's shopping experience. For instance, during the checkout process, customers can easily redeem available coins for discounts. Kindly, read the below article to get a better understanding of each display.

Customer Earning embed

It appears as a widget on your product description page where it shows the number of coins the customer will be rewarded with on making a purchase. This section is integrated into the description page, offering transparency about the rewards customers will receive on the purchase of the respective product. It is useful to motivate customers by showcasing immediate benefits and encouraging repeat business. Refer to the below screenshot to see how it will look in your website.

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Rewards Page

A dedicated rewards page helps in promoting your loyalty program on your Shopify store. Sometimes even though the store has activated Nector loyalty rewards, customers are not aware of the programme, a Rewards Page directly on your website can help in improving visibility and also be used to explain the benefits of the loyalty programme to the customers.

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You can also customize a few options like:

Banner Content
Different displays for logged-in and logged-out customers
Title and Description for each section within the Rewards Page

To customize, refer here:

Buy with points button

This is applicable only for Shopify Merchants

The goal of this feature is to make coin redemption easy for the customers. It works in the sense that the Buy With Points button is similar to Buy Now button on your product description page. When your customer is logged-in into the website, they will be able to see the view shown below in the screenshot, once they click on the button, it will use those many points to create a discount code, apply the discount code automatically in background and open the shopify checkout page thereby reducing the hassle of separately redeeming your coins for discounts.

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Points redemption at checkout

This is applicable only for Shopify Plus Merchants

It allows your customers to redeem their coins for discounts directly on the checkout page. If the customer is logged-in on the shopify checkout page, they will be able to see the below view. They can use the slider provided to adjust how many coins they want to use for the discount and then click on the button to redeem points for discount. A discount code will be generated and applied automatically on the cart value.

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Integrations with Checkout solutions

It allows the customers to use coins for purchasing if a third party checkout is enabled in the shop. Currently we are supporting only three checkout integrations. You can check out the below list to refer to your choice of checkout integration:

Gowik Checkout
Goswift Checkout
Razorpay Magic Checkout

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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