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Set up the communications of your store

Nector supports communications through Emails and Events to effectively engage with customers. Emails allow for personalized communication tailored to individual customers. These communication channels serve as effective tools for spreading important information about the loyalty program. Emails can be about anything, they range from sign up greetings to review requests. Events are the way Nector supports integrations with other Shopify communication apps. You can send your data to your integrated apps for various purposes such as marketing. Read below to find a more detailed explanation.


To set up your emails programme,

Visit the Emails Page on your nector dashboard and under Status enable the program.

Click on Send Emails tab to find the existing email templates. There are few emails created by default.

Wallet Coins Rewarded - It notifies the user when they earn some coins.
Coupon is Created - It notifies the user when they earn a coupon

The Referral Reward email is not available under events as it is directly managed under the Referral programme.

You can also create new emails. Click on the Create button in-order to create new emails.

Understanding the condition:

Event: You can choose from a list of preset events, the reason for the new email.
Subject: Write the subject for the email, that you would like to send.
Email Template: Choose the existing template that you would like to be used for the email.

Templates can be modified, also new templates can be created. To check out the templates, switch to the Email Templates tab.

The default email templates can be edited. Just click on the template you would like to edit, and the below page will open, you can change colour, upload images or edit the text. Once you have made the change, click on Save button to save the changes.

Scroll to Available Templates section, in this section you can use ready made templates to create a new template. Find the template you want to use as starting point and click on it. After that you can make any changes if needed and click on Save button to save the changes.

Switch to the Email Sender Settings and under Status section, you can set the Sender Name and Reply-To Email Address, To save the changes click on Update button.

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It is used to trigger actions in third party apps that are integrated in your store. For example, you might want to offer bonus coins on purchases made, and reviews created on specific days or weekends to boost sales, you can set up a trigger on Fridays to send a promotional email regarding the weekend event to the customer through the app of your choice. To check out the list of currently supported apps for communications in Nector, read here: Supported Nector Integrations

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Updated on: 28/03/2024

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