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Brand Settings

This article guides you on configuring background and text colors, brand and coin names, and other elements, to enhance your platform's visual appeal and user experience.

Click on the top right and then on the Brand Settings from the dropdown to open the details page or alternatively you can visit the Brand Settings Page on your nector dashboard

Setting the Coin Name & Program Name

Here, you can change the name of your coins/points and your loyalty program name.

Setting Your Brand Colors

Here, you can set your brand colors.

Background color: This must be your brand color. This color will be for various things like the color of the widget, buttons, review ratings, etc.

Text Color: Choose an appropriate light or dark color based on your brand color. For example, if your brand color is dark, then choose a light color as text color and vice versa.

If you are using Nector reviews and want to set different color for the reviews than your brand color, set the Reviews: Background color and the Reviews: Text color.

Changing the Font

Here, you can change the font that is used across various Nector widgets & pages.

Select the appropriate font by clicking on the Font Style dropdown.

If your font isn't listed in the predefined list of fonts, select the Font Style as custom. You will get the option to add a custom font name and link. See below image for reference.

The font name should be the exact name of the font (case-sensitive). The font link should point to a css file that loads the font. If you are using a service like Google fonts, then you can readily use the link provided on Google fonts here.

To use a font from Google fonts:

Select your desired font on google fonts & add the required font weights by click on the "plus" icon.
In the right side popup that appears, first copy the exact font name shown and paste it on nector dashboard
Next, select the link of the font and paste it in the nector dashboard. See the below image for reference.

Incase you would like to disable our branding, scroll to the bottom and you can disable our Nector Branding on your website from here.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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