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Zoko Reviews Integration

This integration enables automatic sync of reviews collected by Zoko on Whatsapp on to Nector.

Setting up the Integration

Visit the Integrations Page. Click on Reviews in the side-bar. Scroll below to look for Zoko Reviews in that section.

Click on Configure to open up the Zoko Reviews integration page.

To enable the integration, you need to select your e-commerce platform.

For Choose Review Source, please select your e-commerce platform. For example, if your store is built on Shopify, select "shopify".

After entering the details, click on the Initialize button to enable the integration. Once it is enabled, you will see the below view.

Next, scroll down to the "Secret Webhook Id" section on this page. You will find your "Secret Webhook Id" here. Copy this and share it with the Zoko team.

All done! From now on, any review that is collected Zoko on whatsapp will be synced with Nector. This allows you to reward your customers for writing reviews.

For rewarding your customers for writing reviews, please check the "Defining rewards for giving review" section of this article: Reviews Program

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Updated on: 21/05/2024

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