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Managing Reviews

If you have set up your Reviews Programme and would like to manage the reviews in your store refer to this article:

If you need help in setting up your Reviews Program, kindly refer to this article:

Go to Reviews page and click on Reviews on the side-bar. Here you can find all the reviews listed along with their details such as name, rating, date, etc. You can also search for any particular review using their product Id, slug or customer name. You can also use filters to filter out certain reviews.

To view more details of the review and update the status or visibility, click on the review

If you would like to update the status of the review, you can refer to this section,

Status Management

In the new page that opens on clicking open the review, look for this section

Here, you can mark the review as visible in your store by turning on the Visiblity button.

You can mark the review to have a verified tag indicating a verified purchase, by turning on the Verified button.

You can also make the review appear under the featured reviews section by turning on the Featured button

If you would like to update some details regarding the review kindly refer to this section,

Updating Review Details

Scroll below to find the Update Review Details section


To update the description of the review, click on it and write the new description

Reply to the review

To reply to the review with your own comment use it to write your reply

Finally click on Save button to reflect the changes made in the reviews

If you would like to delete the review kindly refer to this section,

Deleting a Review

Look for the Delete button at the top-right hand corner and click on it

A pop-up window appears, click on Confirm again to delete the review.

You can also export or import your reviews,

To export your reviews, refer to this article:

To import your reviews, refer to this article:

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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