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Gokwik Checkout Integration

This integration enables your customers to use their loyalty points directly on the Gokwik Checkout to get a discount.

Visit the Gokwik Integration Page. You can also find it under Third Party Checkouts inside the Integrations page.

To enable the integration, just click on the Initialize button. Once it is enabled, you will see the below view.

On this page, scroll down to the "Secret Webhook Id" section. You will find the secret webhook id here. Copy it and share it with the Gokwik team for them to enable the Nector integration on their end.

All done! Next step is to define the redemption rule that should be used for Gokwik Checkout. See the below section on how to do that.

Defining the Redemption Rule

After enabling the integration, you have to define the redemption rule that should be used for Gokwik Checkout. This rule will define the conversion of loyalty points to a discount value (i.e. how much the loyalty points are worth in terms of a discount value) (similar to the redemption rules that you define for the nector rewards widget or rewards page).

Scroll to the Offer section on this page, And click on the Add button. A popup will open where you can select the type of discount you would like to give.

To understand in detail how to setup the redemption rule, refer to this article:
Check the "Defining Ways to Redeem" section of the article to understand the various options shown in the popup.

Example: How to setup a redemption rule where every 1 loyalty point is equal to ₹1, and the customer is allowed to only get up to ₹1000 discount at once

Scroll to the Offer section on this page, And click on the Add button. Click on the Amount Discount option.

Enter the values as shown in the below image

You can optionally add a minimum cart amount as well.

After entering these values, click on the Create button shown at the end of the popup.

Defining the "Minimum Amount Customer Has To Pay" Restriction (Optional)

If you want the customer to pay some amount when placing an order, irrespective of the number of loyalty points they have, this restriction will come in handy.

For example, consider a customer who has a lot of loyalty points and he is purchasing some items for ₹500. Given the loyalty points he has, he can easily get ₹500 discount and place a ₹0 order. If you want to prevent this, and want the customer to pay at least ₹100 (so he can only get ₹400 discount), you can do that!

Visit the Gokwik Integration Page on your nector dashboard. And scroll down to the Configure Integration section on this page.

Here, you can set the minimum amount that a customer has to pay when placing an order.

Understanding the condition:

Minimum amount customer needs to pay: This is the amount that the customer needs to pay.
Amount Type: This is the type of amount. You can choose fixed amount (Ex. ₹500) or percentage (Ex. 20% of the cart value)

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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