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Shopify POS

This integration enables your customers to use their loyalty points when making offline purchases. You will be able to add a discount based on the loyalty points that a customer has, right from your Shopify POS.

Setting up the Integration

Visit the Integrations Page. Click on POS in the side-bar.

To enable the integration, just click on the Initialize button. Once it is enabled, you will see the below view.

Defining the Redemption Rule

After enabling the integration, you have to define the redemption rule that should be used for Shopify POS. This rule will define the conversion of loyalty points to a discount value (i.e. how much the loyalty points are worth in terms of a discount value) (similar to the redemption rules that you define for the nector rewards widget or rewards page).

To understand in detail how to setup the redemption rule, refer to the Defining Ways to Redeem section of the article: Ways to Redeem

Example: How to setup a redemption rule where every 100 loyalty points are equal to ₹10, and the customer is allowed to only get up to ₹100 discount at once

Switch to the Redemption Rules tab and in the Shopify POS Redemption Rules section on this page, click on the Add button. Click on the Amount Discount option.

Enter the values as shown in the below image

You can add up to 5 different redemption rules for Shopify POS.

You can optionally add a minimum cart amount as well.

Setting up Nector on Shopify POS App

Download the suitable Shopify POS app: Android OR IOS

Log in to the app through your Shopify account.

In the home page, look for the Add tile option and click on it.

From the options click on App, then search for Nector and click on it.

In the Nector page, click on Add button, the tile will be added to your main screen click on Save.

Now from the bottom tab bar, click on Customers and search for the customer to add to the cart.

Click on the customer and look for the Add to cart option and then click on it.

After this step go to the Products from the bottom tab bar and click on the product that you would like to add to the cart and then again click on Add to cart button.

After adding both the customer and the cart come back to the home page and you can see the discounts available based on the redemption rules created above.

Click on the tile that will add the discount automatically to your checkout and then click on the bottom checkout button to go to the cart.

We can see the discount has been automatically applied, you can checkout from here.

Ways to Redeem

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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