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Setup the referral program

Acquiring new customers through referrals is often more cost-effective than other marketing methods as satisfied customers are essentially doing the marketing for you. Encouraging referrals is a great way to reinforce customer loyalty. When customers are satisfied and engaged enough to recommend a business, it indicates a strong connection with the brand, thus Nector has a dedicated referral program which you can use.

To enable the referral program,

Go to the Referrals Program Page.

Enable the referral program by toggling the status button on that page. After enabling you will see the below view.

Click on the Rules section from the side-bar. Under General Settings, you can find

Referral Flow Type - Select your preferred method for sharing referrals. You can opt for Mobile, Email, or choose a Referral Coupon Code. With the coupon code, you'll receive a unique code to share directly with your family and friends, allowing them to sign up on the store and enjoy the benefits.

Kindly follow this article to properly set up the coupon code based referral flow.

Reward The Customer When The Friend's Order Has The Below Status: You can control when the referrer should get the reward using this field. The suggested value is Order Completed. Refer to the below screenshot to see the list of available statuses.

The "Order Delivered" status is only valid for select stores where the delivery status is being marked on shopify or woo-commerce and is getting pulled on nector too

Setting up the referral rewards

The programme has provisions for rewarding both the customer who referred and the friend who signed up with the referral link.

To set up the rewards for the customer and friend, read below:

Setup customer reward

To add a customer reward,

Switch to the Customer Reward Settings tab, and click on the Create button under Reward Given To The Customer

You can choose from a list of rewards available:

Amount Discount
Free Shipping
Percentage Discount

For example, to give coins as a reward, click on Coin Reward then you can enter the number of coins you want to reward.

Click on Create button to create the reward

Setup friend's reward

To add a friend's reward,

Switch to the Friend's Reward Settings tab, and click on the Create button under Reward Given To The Friend

You can choose from a list of rewards available:

Amount Discount
Free Shipping
Percentage Discount

For Friend: You must only specify coupon based rewards. Defining coin based rewards will break the referral flow, it is intended only for apps using nector and not ecommerce websites

If you click on Percentage Discount, then you can enter the percentage of discount you would like to reward. You can also enter a minimum cart amount to restrict the use of coupons, only on orders above the set cart amount.

Click on Create button to finalise the reward

Referral history

You can check the referral history where you can find the friends referred by the existing customers and the current status of the referrals i.e if order has been placed by the friend. To view the history, from the side-bar click on Referrals

You can also search for referrals using Email or Mobile. You can also use filters to search for specific referrals based on your criteria.

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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