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How does a referral program work?

This article explains the workflow of Referral Program and how customers can benefit from it. Here are the various steps involved in the referral process:

Referral Link Sharing: An existing customer initiates the process by sharing their unique referral link with a friend or a relative, here we will refer to this customer as the referee and the customer initiating the process as referrer
Recipient Registration: Referee follows the shared link and registers by entering their email. In return, they receive an exclusive coupon code as an incentive.
Coupon Code Utilization: The referee then proceeds to place an order, and uses the provided coupon code during the checkout process for a discount.
Order Completion: Following the successful completion or delivery of the order (depending on your configuration set by you), the referral will be processed in a few hours.
Reward Issuance to Referrer: After the referral is processed, post order completion, the referrer, receives their reward as a token of appreciation for their successful referral.

This structured process ensures a seamless and mutually beneficial experience for both referrers and new customers participating in our referral program.

Customers can refer their friends/family from two different ways,

From the Widget

A customer can copy the link and share it with their friend/relative whom they want to refer, if the referred user clicks the link, the below page will open up.

The referred user can write their email address and click on the button to receive their unique discount code.

From the Referral Page

If the referral page is setup already, user can directly share the friend's email address and click on Submit button to send a referral.

The user will receive a similar mail like shown below in the image. They can use the code provided in the mail, to get a discount.


You can also copy the link and share it with your friend, if the referred user clicks the link, the below page will open up where he can sign up and receive the benefits

To set up on Shopify Store:

To set up on custom website:

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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