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Referral Analytics

Here, we will see how you can check all the referrals on your store, and their status.

To see the history of all referrals,

Go to Referrals Page and click on Referrals

Here you can find all the referrals, search for a particular referral, also to know about any referral in more detail, click on the referral, the below page opens

You can find the referral status, referrer customer's name and if the referred customer has made any orders.

To export your referrals refer to this article:

If you want to see customer specific referrals, go to Customers Page and click on Customers tab on the side-bar and click on the particular customer for whom you would like to check, scroll below to the Customer History and under Referrals click on View History. There you can find the list of all referrals made by the customer.

To see a graphical comparison between, Referrals Created and Referrals Completed, go to Referral Analytics

Here you can select a particular time frame or also a create a custom time frame to analyze the referrals. You can also refer to the Referral Stats for numerical data where,

Referrals Created - Number of times the referral process was initiated when a coupon was given to the referred person

Referrals Completed - Number of times the referral was completed when the referred person placed an order with the given coupon

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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