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Referral Program

Nector's Referral Program helps businesses encourage customers to refer friends by incentivizing referrals through automated rewards. By enabling this program, businesses can effortlessly manage and track referrals, rewarding both customers and the friends they referred with options like coins, discounts, or free shipping. With customizable settings for notification and automated reminders, Nector ensures a seamless referral experience that drives customer engagement and boosts sales.

How does a referral program work?

Discover how our Referral Program enhances customer benefits through two distinct workflows: Email/Mobile Based Flow and Referral Coupon Code Based Flow through through either Widgets or dedicated Referral Page. Learn how both customers and their referred friends/relatives can seamlessly participate and enjoy rewards in this structured process.

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Setting up the Referral Program

Learn how to effectively set up and manage your referral program using our step-by-step guide. From enabling the program to configuring rewards for both customers and friends, discover how to maximize benefits through our simple and clear instruction guide.

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Setting up Coupon Code based Referral Flow

Explore how to effectively manage your Referral Coupon Code-based flow by setting up restrictions to ensure the code is exclusive to new customers. Follow our detailed steps to create and apply a customer segment in Shopify, and seamlessly integrate it into your Nector dashboard for optimal program management.

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Referral Communications

Learn how to set up notifications for both the referred friend and the customer in your Referral Program. Discover step-by-step instructions to create and customize email notifications, ensuring seamless communication and engagement throughout the referral process.

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Referral Analytics

Explore how to analyze and manage your referrals effectively with Nector's Referral Program. Learn to track referral statistics through analytics, view detailed referral histories, and access customer-specific referral details for comprehensive program management.

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Incomplete Referral Reminder

In this guide, we'll walk you through setting up the Incomplete Referral Reminder feature with Nector. This optional tool helps boost referral performance by automating reminders to referred customers who haven't yet made a purchase on your store.

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Updated on: 09/07/2024

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