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Loyalty Program (Ways to Earn)

The first step in setting up the loyalty program is to define the different ways for your customers to earn the points for doing various activities on your store. This can be things like signing up on your store, placing an order, referring their friends, leaving a review and much more. The rewards for signing up and placing an order are already setup by default. Here, we will look at customizing these and adding some more ways to earn.

Go to Loyalty Program

In the top right, enable the Status button to activate the program.

Now when you initially set up your Loyalty Program, Nector by default has two earning rules predefined. Click on Rules from the side-bar

Signup Reward

This is the reward given to customers when they signup on your store. It essentially serves as a welcome gesture for choosing to be a part of your store. The default reward will depend on the settings chosen by you during the onboarding process of Nector dashboard. Optionally, if you want to change the number of default reward given, click on the Edit button.

You can enter the new number of coins you would like to reward by modifying the value in the Coins to Reward section. And the click on the Save button.

Order Placed Reward

When a customer places an order, the system automatically recognizes this action and rewards the customer. By default, 1 coins will be rewarded for every $1 spent on your store. You can modify and customize the reward by clicking on the Edit button.

Under Reward Settings, there are a couple of fields which you can modify, below is a brief description explaining those fields:

Number of coins to reward for every $1 spent - Enter the number of coin(s) you want to reward for every 1 unit of money spent on orders.

Here are some examples:
You can specify, 0.05 for every $1 spent, which will be roughly 5 coins for $100
You can specify, 0.2 for every $1 spent, which will be roughly 20 coins for $100
You can specify, 2 for every $1 spent, which will be roughly 200 coins for $100

We would highly recommend keeping 1 coin for ₹1 and via redemption rules you can control the conversion from coins to ₹ value

Reward When (on what order state should we reward) - Here, you can select when exactly the reward has to be given to the customer. We are currently supporting the following states:

Order Placed
Order Paid
Order Completed
Order Delivered
Order Paid and Completed
Order Paid and Delivered
Order Completed and Delivered
Order Paid and Completed and Delivered

If you select a status with "Delivered" in it, make sure that the delivery status is getting updated on your shopify orders by your delivery partner. Or else, rewards will not be processed. To know how to check your delivery status, read this article

To learn more about customizing the reward for placing an order, refer to this article:

Birthday Reward

This can be used to reward your customers on their birthday. The customer will have to enter their birthday from the rewards widget or the rewards page. And Nector will automatically give the reward on their birthday if this is enabled.

To add a birthday reward, click on the Add button. You will see the below popup.

We recommend you to select Coin Reward option. On clicking, a pop up opens where under Coins to reward, you can mention the number of coins to reward. And then click on the "Create" button.

For customizing other options like when exactly the birthday reward should be given, click on the Birthday Reward Settings button.

For more information, refer to this article:

Follow on Social Media

You can reward your customers for following your social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Rewarding will happen only once per customer.

The reward will be given as soon as the customer visits the social media link. There is no confirmation whether the customer actually followed the page or not. Hence, please give a small reward here (ex. 50 coins).

We are currently supporting only the following social medias:


To define the rewards click on the Add button, and click on Coin Rewards, a pop up opens where under Coins to reward, you can mention the number of coins to reward and under Profile Link your respective social media handle. For example, refer to the below image which rewards 100 coins for following our Instagram handle.

Similarly you can add more rewards based on which social media your company is active in, below is a screenshot depicting rewards for following on Instagram and Facebook

Screenshot of how the customer can see Ways to Earn:

Floating widget

Updated on: 09/07/2024

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