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BiteSpeed Integration

Visit the BiteSpeed Integration Page. You can also find it under WhatsApp Marketing inside the Integrations page.

To enable the integration, you need to choose the primary selector, and get the Channel ID from the BiteSpeed team.

Primary Selector - This refers to the primary attribute used to map customers between Nector and BiteSpeed. You can choose mobile.

Getting your Channel ID

Kindly get in touch with the BiteSpeed team, to get your Channel ID, as it is provided directly by their team.

After entering the details, click on the Initialize button to enable the integration. Once it is enabled, you will see the below view.

Sending Whatsapp Messages

Whatsapp messages can be sent to customers for various events that occur on Nector. For example: When a customer is rewarded with some wallet coins, you can send a whatsapp message via BiteSpeed.

The first step is to configure for which events you would like to send whatsapp messages to your customers.

Visit the Events Page on your Nector dashboard.

As the first step enable the events by toggling the status button on that page. After enabling you will see the below view.

Now switch to the Send Events tab and click on the Create button, a popup will open

Now select the event on which you want to notify the external integration, also select BiteSpeed as the external integration that needs to be notified, and add any filters based on which event sending should be restricted

There are many events supported on nector. If you don't know which to choose, here are the two events that are most relevant and commonly used:

Wallet Coins Rewarded: This event will be sent whenever wallet coins are rewarded on nector.
Coupon Is Created: This event will be sent whenever a customer uses his wallet coins to get a discount/coupon code on nector.

For example,
To send an Wallet Reward Event to a BiteSpeed whenever wallet coins are rewarded to a customer on nector, you would create the event as shown below.

Once you have entered all the details, click on the Create button in the popup.

Events can also be sent for other things like when a new customer is referred, for coin expiry notification, for review request, and more. To learn how to setup these events, look into those respective articles.

For a list of events and the data associated with each event, please refer this article for more info:

After you have created the events, you can now configure which whatsapp template to be used for each of the event that you created.

Once again, visit the BiteSpeed Integration Page on your nector dashboard. And switch to the Template Settings tab.

For each of the event that you created in the previous step, you will have to add a Template Name (which can be obtained from your BiteSpeed dashboard, see below for more details) for the associated event on this page.

How to get the Template Name from BiteSpeed dashboard

Visit your BiteSpeed dashboard. Under Whatsapp, look for the Templates section and click on it.

Click on the Create button to create a new Template. Enter the necessary details, you can also add custom variables by using the {{}} braces.

Click on Save and Submit button.

Remember the template name and use it in the Nector dashboard while configuring template for BiteSpeed integration.

Go to BiteSpeed Integration Page and then switch to Template Settings tab

Add the template name and you can also choose the variables/properties that you are using in your whatsapp template.

For example, if you are sending a whatsapp message when a customer is rewarded with wallet coins, you would use the following variables in your template:

amount : this refers to the number of wallet coins rewarded
user_balance : this refers to the total number of wallet coins that the customer has

So, your Template Settings would look something like this:

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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