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API Keys & Docs

Click on the top right to view all the options or alternatively you can visit the API Keys Page on your nector dashboard

Add new API key

To create a new API key, click on the create button and provide the Name and the API Access Type

We recommend creating Read Only API keys, if your goal is to access the details from the frontend. If you need to make changes in customer points balance, update customer properties, or reward them on custom flows etc. then only create the Full Access API Key. Full access API Keys are meant to used from backend systems.

Never expose the Full Access API key in the frontend.

Update API key

Click on the api key you would like to update. You can change the name and the access role of the API key. Once the changes are done, click on the Update button.

Delete API key

Click on the API Key you would like to delete. Now, click on the Delete button at the top right area of this page and confirm the action.

This action is irreversible, please ensure API key not being in live setup. You can always change the full access API keys to read only API keys

Integration Snippets

On the API details page, scroll to Integration Snippets section. You will see integration snippets for various use cases. These scripts are useful for rendering nector UI components.

API documentation

Visit API Docs for the API docs

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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