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Review Collect Reminders

By encouraging users to share their experiences, businesses can identify areas for improvement and understand customer preferences. To address this, Nector offers a convenient feature: Review Collect Reminders where you can automatically nudge customers for reviews after the order has been placed. (This is optional)

Setting up Review Collect Reminders

Go to your Reviews Program page. Click on Features in the side-bar and then click on Configure button under Review Collect Reminders

Enable the Status button to activate the feature.

Switch to the Configuration tab and scroll to the Nudge Automation section and define the conditions based on which Nector will send out the reminders.

Understanding the condition‚Äč:

Days To Wait After Order Was Completed (Fulfilled) - The number of days to wait after the order status changed to completed (fulfilled), before sending the review request.
No. Of Review Collect Reminders To Send - ideal value is 2, max is 5
Gap Between The Follow Up Review Collect Reminders - The number of days after which the follow up review requests have to be sent, ideal is 10.

Click on the Save button to finalise the changes.

Configuring the notification for review request

Now after defining the conditions we need to setup our preferred way of communications to automate the review collection process for which you can add email or event notification for the customer.

Possible notification mediums are:

Email - You can setup an email, which will nudge the customer via email. PS. you can design the email template on nector dashboard.
Event - You can setup events, which will communicate with the connected tools like Klaviyo, Omnisend, Mailchimp etc, who can utilise the event data and convey to the customers.

Here, we will show you how to add an email template.

Click on Create button inside the Nudge To Send To Collect Review section.

A popup opens where you can choose your mode of communication, here we will be clicking on Send An Email

The Send Emails tab of the Emails page opens, all the values will be pre-filled, you can modify the Email Subject as per your liking if you want.

By default it will open with a predefined Review Request template but you can also uncheck and design your own template from scratch.

If you want to create a new template uncheck and click on Design New Template button. A blank canvas opens where you can customise your email template as you want it. Refer to this Sending Emails article for more details.

Finally click on Create button, the email would be ready as shown below.

To send notifications through events, kindly follow this article on Events

To enable or disable the review request feature just toggle the status in the page.

Review Collect Reminders History

Updated on: 09/07/2024

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