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Floating Reviews

This article shows you how to add a floating review to your Shopify store. Floating reviews allows users to see the reviews from all the products on your store inside a popup. The floating reviews button can be shown on left side or right side of the screen. See the below image for a preview of the floating reviews.

For the floating reviews to be shown on your website, make sure Nector is enabled (in the Account Settings page) and the reviews program is also active.

Follow the below steps to add the floating reviews widget to your Shopify store.

Go to your Shopify admin page. Under Online Store click on Themes from the side-bar. Now in the page click on the Customize button.

Click on App Embeds from the left side menu

Search for Nector in the search bar and look for Nector Floating Reviews

Enable the status button and click on it to customize the widget.

You can change the Offset (offset is the gap from the bottom of the screen in percentage), modify the Title also the position can be changed between Left and Right. The appearance of the reviews which will be displayed on clicking the widget can also be changed, we can choose from Grid, Row, Image Optimized Grid

Finally click on Save button to finalise the changes.

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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