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Review Import

Visit the Reviews Page in the Reviews Program

You will see the below view. Now click on the Import Reviews button, a popup will open

The popup will allow you to Select Review Format and Upload the CSV file.

We support Judgme, Loox, Stamped, Shopify Product Reviews, Contlo Reviews, and Nector Custom Format
If you are coming from Judgme, Loox, Stamped, Shopify Product Reviews, Contlo Reviews, just export the reviews CSV file from their platform and import on nector directly.

For any other formats you need to refer to Nector Custom Format. To get the sample format select Nector from the Select Review Format dropdown on the popup and download the sample CSV file. Now arrange your data as per the CSV file before importing them.

Nector Custom Format - This can be used to upload reviews from anywhere. All you have to do is arrange the data as per the CSV format and upload them. Refer the below screenshot for sample CSV content.

Understanding the different columns:

email - Email address of the reviewer.
mobile - Mobile number of the reviewer.
name - Name of the reviewer.
reference_product_source - Source of the referenced product. The possible values are shopify, woocommerce and custom_website so depending on the platform, use the same value for all the rows
reference_product_id - This it the id of the product on your e-commerce platform. To find the id of a product on shopify, read here
reference_product_slug - Unique part of the URL identifying the referenced product. This is also called the product handle on shopify
title - Title or headline of the review.
description - Detailed description or body of the review.
reply_to - Email address or contact information for replies to the review.
rating - Rating or score given to the product in the review.
is_approved - Indicates whether the review is approved for display. Enter 1 to enable it, or use 0 in the csv for disabling.
is_featured - Indicates whether the review is marked to be displayed under featured reviews. Enter 1 to enable it, or use 0 in the csv for disabling.
is_verified - Indicates whether the review written is of a verified purchase. Enter 1 to enable it, or use 0 in the csv for disabling.
image_links - Links to images associated with the review. Multiple links can be added by separating with comma.
created_at - Date and time when the review was created. The date should be entered in the same format as shown in csv (ISO date format)

Please do not change the column names, they needs to in lowercase letters only.

If you don't have reference_product_id you can input reference_product_slug, but one of them is needed. Also one of email or mobile is required too.

Now upload the CSV file, and click on Preview button, You will see preview of what will be imported. Only first 50 rows will be shown in the preview. Please check the preview properly before clicking on the Start Import button.

It is recommend you first try and import CSV with 2-3 rows only and if everything works fine, import all of them in one go.
* Max CSV file size should not be above 2MB in size

You will see the below when the import starts, and will receive an email once the import has finished. Once you get the import finish email, come to this page to check the imported reviews.

Please contact us via live chat on nector dashboard or at for more info

It takes upto 60 minutes for new reviews and ratings to show on your website

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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