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How to promote Nector on my website?

Businesses often wonder how to increase the usage of their loyalty program once implemented. As a business, you want your customers to benefit from your loyalty program and spread the word around. A key reason that users aren’t using your Rewards Program might be that they aren’t aware of your Loyalty Program. Therefore to effectively launch the loyalty program, you should make the customers aware of it. So here are some ways we suggest to boost the usage and visibility of your Rewards Program:

Create a Banner or Popup

A great place to start spreading awareness is your homepage, specifically, the space where you display banners as homepage is the page most customers will land first. Banners catch your users' attention more than any other element and they can improve the visibility of your new loyalty program more than anything.
Pop-ups are also an excellent vehicle for attention-grabbing images, headlines and offers.

Create Posts and promote them on Social Media channels

Nowadays, e-commerce businesses tend to have a good social media presence and is essential to engage your users to keep them in the loop. As it is a common dwelling space for your customers, it is easier to communicate the presence of the loyalty program here. Creating a series of stories and a post on Instagram or Facebook is a great way to amplify the news.

Send out an Email campaign or WhatsApp campaign

Email communication is a key aspect for e-commerce businesses to keep in touch with their customers. It is highly effective as customers do check out emails sent from their favourite brands. Similarly, nowadays WhatsApp is becoming the de facto platform for marketing, so you can also run a WhatsApp campaign for informing users about the Loyalty program. You can highlight the benefits of the program, such as exclusive discounts and rewards.

Add customer earning section to the product page

The customer earning embed is a section that is meant to be in your store's product pages so that the customers can see how many coins they can earn by purchasing a particular product. By directly adding a customer earning section to the product page, you can better explain to the customers on how the loyalty program works for example, display the discount amount that can be redeemed in future orders by the coins earned also since it is present on every product page it increases the visibility of the Loyalty Program to the customers. The best place to add it is above the price of the product for maximum visibility.

To add a customer earning section, kindly refer to this article:

Creating a Dedicated Rewards/ Referrals Page

Having a dedicated page directly on the website is extremely useful for awareness among customers. This is an effective way to provide more visibility to your Loyalty program. On creating the page, and adding it in the website main menu, the visibility of the page increases and since everything is shown on single page, users will get to see all available options. It is configurable from the Nector dashboard and takes less than 5 minutes to add the page to your website.

For the Rewards Page, you can add banners, decide what sections of the page to display and also customize the text and buttons.
For the Referrals Page, you can add banners, customize the title, icon and descriptions and set-up pop-ups

To add a Rewards page, kindly refer to this article:
To add a Referrals page, kindly refer to this article:

Rewards Page

Referrals Page

Add points redemption widget on checkout page (only for Shopify Plus merchants)

if the buyer is logged in and on the Shopify checkout page, they will be able to see a points redemption widget where they can use the slider to adjust how many points they want to redeem and click on the button to redeem points for a discount. A discount code will be generated and applied automatically. This is useful as if a customer is still unaware of the loyalty program from other methods, the widget on the checkout page would surely be noticeable.

To add a points redemption widget, refer to this article:

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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