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How to Manually Reward Coins to Customers ?

In this article we will be showing, how to manually reward coins to the customer, this can come useful, if in some exceptional case the coins are not automatically rewarded. The steps to manually reward is given below.

Go to Customers Page inside the Loyalty Program

From the list of customers, click on the customer you want to manually reward the coins

You can also search for customers with their email/mobile number, and then click on the customer

Look for the Coins subsection and click on the Edit Balance button

Under Title write the reason for rewarding the coins (Optional)

Enter the number of coins you want to reward in Amount

Make sure the operation selected is Credit

Click on Update button to reflect the changes

In this way you can easily reward coins manually whenever required, if you still require any more assistance kindly contact us at

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Updated on: 28/03/2024

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