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How to manage Q&As ?

This article explains how to manage your Q&As

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Go to Reviews page and click on Q&As on the side-bar. Here you can find all the Q&As listed along with their details such as name and date posted on. You can also search for any particular Q&A using their product Id, slug. You can also use filters to filter out certain Q&A. You can also disable the visibility of a Q&A by disabling the visibility button.

Click on any specific Q&A to view more details

Under Q&A Overview & Controls, you can view the answer and modify the visibility. You can also look up the product on Nector and in your Shopify website.

Scroll below to the Update Q&A Details section.

Here you can modify the question and also write your answer for the question asked by the customer. After answering the question click on the Save button to finalise the changes.

Deleting a Q&A

You can also delete a Q&A, at the top right corner look for the Delete All button and click on it. A popup window opens for confirmation. Click on Confirm button to delete it.

Updated on: 13/06/2024

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