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How to create a Wallet Trigger?

Inorder to create a Wallet Trigger, kindly follow the below steps

Go to Triggers

Click on Create button, a pop-up will open click on Create Trigger again

In the new pop-up screen fill up the necessary details

Action to Execute - Make sure Reward Coins is selected from the drop-down menu
Trigger name - Only for your reference. Not visible to customers anywhere
Title - Give a meaningful title. It will be shown to customers at various places
Operation - Choose between Credit and Debit
Coins - Enter the number of coins you want to give to the customers. Using Reward coins within a range option you can also reward coins coins between a maximum and minimum number

On ticking Show this in 'Ways to earn' page in the widget option you can also make the Trigger appear in your widgets menu, in that case there are a few more options

Content Type - here you can select the content type like: "earn", "referral" or "social"
Icon - You can select the icon type here
Title - It is the same as the previous one and is pre-filled
Description - Describe the Trigger like what it does
Link - Enter a link to open when user clicks this item in the widget

Click on Create button

Your Trigger will be created, now to modify/edit settings of the Trigger, click on the Trigger from the list of Triggers, a new screen will open up

Under Status section we have four different options

Active - Denotes whether the current Trigger is active or not

Show in rewards widget - Show this in the 'Ways to earn' page in the rewards widget. Content needs to be attached before enabling this.

Open - Allow this trigger to be executed using a read-only API key

If the triggers is going to be called from the front-end, then Open has to be turned on, so that it can be executed with a Read Only API Key.

Allow override - Allow the rules of this trigger (like how many coins to reward, etc.) to be overriden from API call. It is useful for ex: Say, you would like to reward more coins than set in the trigger

To learn how to integrate the Trigger, read the docs:

What are Triggers?

Reward using Trigger

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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