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How to create a Offer Trigger?

To create a Offer Trigger, kindly follow the below steps

Go to Triggers. Switch to the Offer tab.

Click on Create button, a pop-up will open click on Create Trigger again

In the new pop-up screen fill up the necessary details

Action to Execute - Select Reward An Offer from the drop-down menu
Trigger name - Only for your reference. Not visible to customers anywhere
Offer to Reward - Select one of the already published offers from the dropdown

To learn how to create an offer:

On ticking Show this in 'Ways to earn' page in the widget option you can also make the Trigger appear in your widgets menu, in that case there are a few more options

Content Type - here you can select the content type like: "earn", "referral" or "social"
Icon - You can select the icon type here
Title - It is the same as the previous one and is pre-filled
Description - Describe the Trigger like what it does
Link - Enter a link to open when user clicks this item in the widget

Click on Create button

Your Trigger will be created, now to modify/edit settings of the Trigger, click on the Trigger from the list of Triggers, a new screen will open up

Under Status section we have four different options

Active - Denotes whether the current Trigger is active or not

Show in rewards widget - Show this in the 'Ways to earn' page in the rewards widget. Content needs to be attached before enabling this.

Open - Allow this trigger to be executed using a read-only API key

If the triggers is going to be called from the front-end, then Open has to be turned on, so that it can be executed with a Read Only API Key.

Allow override - Allow the settings of this trigger to be overriden from API call. It is useful for ex: Say, you would like to reward more coins than set in the trigger

To learn how to integrate the Trigger, read the docs:

What are Triggers?

Reward using Trigger

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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