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How To Check A Customer's Activity

On the nector dashboard, you can check a customer's entire activity and history i.e. when and how many coins they were rewarded or they redeemed, the coupons they redeemed, the orders they placed and much more.

To check this, follow the below steps:

Go the Customers Page inside Loyalty Program.

Search for a particular customer(s) using their email, mobile or other supported filters by clicking on the Search All Customers button. See the below image for reference.

After clicking on the button, in the popup that appears, enter the email, mobile or any supported filter and click the Search button at the bottom to search for the matching customers

Next, click on the customer whose activity or history you want to see.

In the page that appears, scroll down to the Customer History section. You will see the below view.

Here, you can view the history of coins, coupons, orders, reviews, etc.

Next, you can scroll a little down to the Activity section which shows the various actions performed by the customer in a timeline view.

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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