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How to change the Offer Name & Description ?

To learn how to create a offer:

Nector by default auto generates the name and description based on the rules setup while creating an offer.

In-order to change the name of a created offer, kindly follow the below steps

Go to Redemption Rules tab inside the Loyalty Settings in the Loyalty Program

Click on the redemption rule (offer) of which you would like to change the name

Click on Advanced Settings

On the new page, go to Offer Settings tab

Under Offer name write the new offer name you would like to add

Under Offer description, you can write the new description for the offer

Make sure to disable the Use auto generated name based on discount rules option to prevent automatic name or automatic description generation

Click on the Save button to confirm the changes made.

Following the above steps should have changed the offer name and description successfully, for further queries you can always contact us at

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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