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How to Add Delayed Rewarding?

Delayed Rewarding is a special feature that we offer in which the reward will be given only after the set duration.
To enable delayed rewarding, kindly follow the below steps:

Go to Earning Rules tab inside the Loyalty Settings in the Loyalty Program

Scroll to Order Placed Reward and click on the Edit button

Click on Advanced Settings under the Save button

In the new page, click on the Execution Rule Settings tab

Select the Reward after 'n' days since the activity occured option under the When to execute this action field.

Under Schedule after n days select the number of days you want the reward to be delayed

For example, according the settings shown in the above image, the reward will be given 5 days after the order is marked as paid & completed/fulfilled

Following the above steps, should have set your delayed rewarding successfully, for further queries you can always contact us at

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Updated on: 28/03/2024

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