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Featured Reviews

In this article we will show how to add featured reviews on your home page. However first we need to have three reviews marked as featured for this section to be visible.

Go to Reviews page and click on Reviews on the side-bar. Here you can find all the reviews listed along with their details such as name, rating, date, etc. You can also search for any particular review using their product Id, slug or customer name. You can also use filters to filter out certain reviews.

To mark a review as featured, click on the review

In the new page that opens on clicking the review, look for this section

Turn on the Featured button to make the review visible under Featured Reviews

You can also add Featured Reviews or Testimonial Reviews on the website landing page. To add,

Switch to Home Page view. Check the below screenshot for more info

Now, scroll down and find Apps section and add Nector Product Reviews app block, it will show the featured reviews on the home page. You can also customize the UI of Nector Featured Reviews app block by clicking on it and select various display styles.

Click on Save button after all the changes to save everything.

Screenshot of how the customer will see the Featured Review on the Home Page. Please note the color can be changed, and the font is picked from the website.

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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