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Coins are getting redeemed automatically. How is this happening?

If the coins are getting redeemed automatically, then it means auto-apply is working in the background.

The auto apply prompt is meant to be a set and forget way of redemption. Once the customer has enabled auto apply, then anytime he comes to purchase from your online store, a coupon will be applied automatically to the checkout. If a coupon already exists (whether it was manually redeemed or automatically created but wasn't used), then that will be used, or else if the customer has sufficient coins, a coupon will be redeemed automatically and applied to the cart.

The primary function of the auto apply prompt is to take the consent of the customer to automatically redeem and apply the discount. See the below image for reference.

The customer can also control this setting from the rewards widget. See the below image for reference.

On Shopify, the auto apply will start working when the customer has added at least one item to the cart. The redeemed discount will be automatically added to the checkout.

On other platforms, auto apply will start working on page load, and once the discount is generated automatically, the coupon will be shown to the customer, and they have to copy and apply it at checkout.

If you would like to disable the prompt refer to this article:

Coupons redeemed by autoapply will be deleted automatically within 24 hrs if not used, and coins will be given back

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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