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Add Rewards Widget On Shopify

For the widget to be shown on your website, make sure Nector is enabled (in the Account Settings page) and the loyalty program is also active.

Public App

If you installed Nector via the shopify app store, then the rewards widget is automatically added and activated on your shopify store by default.

What to do when the widget is not visible on your store?

Sometimes, due to some network issues, the widget may not be activated automatically. To enable the widget manually, follow the below steps:

Open your shopify admin dashboard
Go to Online Store under Sales Channels
Click on the Customize button on your current live theme
Click on the App Embeds button on the very left side menu. And make sure that the Nector Floating Widget is active. See below image for reference.

Private App

If you integrated Nector via a private shopify app, then the rewards widget needs to be added manually. To add the widget, follow the below steps:

1. Getting the code snippet on nector dashboard

Login to your nector dashboard.
Go the Rewards Widget page under On-Site Displays inside Loyalty Program
Switch to the Code Snippet tab
Scroll to the Shopify section.
Copy the code by clicking on the copy button. See below image for reference.

2. Adding the code snippet on shopify theme

Open your shopify admin dashboard.
Go to Online Store under Sales Channels
Click on Edit Code for the current live theme. See the below image for reference.

Open the theme.liquid file.
Scroll to the very end of this file.
And paste the copied code snippet right before the closing body tag (i.e. right before </body>). See the below image for reference.

Click on the Save button in the top right.

All done! The rewards widget must now be visible on your store.

Customizing the rewards widget

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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