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This article is to give you a brief overview of what the Analytics under the Loyalty Program in Nector dashboard offers. To open that page:

Click on Analytics & Reports from the side-bar menu to visit the Analytics page.

In the Analytics page, we have different sections,

Here we can use the filters for seeing analytics of today, last 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or between any custom date for each section by selecting that time frame. We can also use the arrow buttons to go back and forth in time based on the selected time frame.


This sections shows analytics related to orders on your store. You can see the total orders & revenue generated, and also see how much of it is attributed to Nector. For Nector attributed orders, you can also see from where exactly customers are redeeming the discounts and using (Ex. Redemption from the rewards widget, from emails sent by Nector, from Referrals, etc.)

You can apply a filter to see the data in a particular interval as well.

We can also choose the metrics to see in the graph.

Total Revenue Highlights

This is an important part of the page, here you can find the complete statistics of the Orders within the selected time frame.
It shows the total orders from your store, total revenue and how much of it was driven by Nector. You can see the number of orders driven by Nector, the revenue from those orders, and the average order value of those orders.

We have also added a new section where you can check the Nector influenced revenue from different sources such as emails, referrals etc.


This section shows the wallet coins credited to customers, and the usage of those coins by customers.


This section shows the coupons that were redeemed by customers and how many of those were actually used when placing orders.


This section shows analytics related to usage of Nector on your online store. You can the number of customers who signed up, how many clicked on the Nector widget, how many shared their referral links, and much more.

We can also apply filters to get a graphical analysis of the different parts of the store

To get a more detailed analysis on new customers, customer activity on wesbites and website prompts, scroll below


This section shows analytics related to communication sent from Nector in the form of emails, events of webhooks to other systems.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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