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How to reward points in bulk to all customers?

To reward points in bulk to all the customers, kindly follow the below article

Visit the Export Reports Page inside the Analytics & Reports in the Loyalty Program

Find the Export Customers section click on Export

A popup will open. set Current coin balance is greater than or equal to to 0 instead of 1 and click on Export option

You will receive an email once the export has finished. You can also download it by clicking on the Download button.

Your exported csv will look like the screenshot below, you have to remove all columns other than email, mobile, amount

You can keep either email or mobile columns, but compulsory to keep atleast one

Edit the amount column and enter the number of coins to reward for all the rows

Add another column called operation and keep it cr for all the rows and save the csv. It should now look like this

Go to the Customers Page

Click on Import Click on Import Coins

A pop-up will open, Select the Nector format and write your Reason for adjustment.

Upload your csv file and click on Preview

Preview the import and click on Start Import

The importing will start and you will see a new section showing the import coins being updated, refresh the page to see the imported coins.

This should bulk import all the coins, if you still have any doubts reach out to us at

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Updated on: 28/03/2024

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