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Coin Import with Expiry

This article provides a step-by-step guide on importing coins with expiration dates for your Shopify store customers. This feature is particularly useful for organizing campaigns or clearance sales, where you want to gift coins that customers can only use during specific events.

Kindly ensure the Coin Expiry feature is activated. If the feature is not activated, refer to this article.

Visit the Customers Page in the Loyalty Program

You will see the below view. Now click on the Bulk Actions button, a dropdown will open select Reward Coins with Expiry Date, post that a popup will open

The popup will allow you to Select Format, enter the Reason for adjustment and upload through Upload File button.

We are supporting only Nector format for now.

All you have to do is arrange the data as per the CSV format and upload them. To get the sample format, download the sample CSV file. Now arrange your data as per the CSV file before importing them.

Refer the below screenshot for sample CSV content

Please do not change the column names, they needs to in lowercase letters only.

One of lead_id or email or mobile is required.
The operation should be of cr - this stands for credit, and must be specified under operation column in lower case only
expire_in_days indicates the number of days after which the added coins will become invalid

Now upload the CSV file, and click on Preview button, You will see preview of what will be imported. Only first 50 rows will be shown in the preview. Please check the preview properly before clicking on the Start Import button

It is recommend you first try and import CSV with 2-3 rows only and if everything works fine, import all of them in one go.
Max CSV file size should not be above 2MB in size

You will see the below image when the import starts, and will receive an email once the import has finished. Once you get the import finish email, come to this page to check the imported coins.

Please contact us via live chat on nector dashboard or at for more info

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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