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Buy With Points Button

This article is applicable only for Shopify Merchants

This article teaches how to enable the Buy With Points button for customers so that they can buy using their coins directly from the products page.

Visit the Buy With Points Button Page. You can also find it under On-Site Redemption in the Loyalty Features Page inside the Loyalty Program.

As first step enable buy with points button feature by toggling the status button on that page. After enabling you will see the below view.

How it works?

The working of Buy With Points button is similar to Buy Now button on your product description page. When the buyer is logged-in into the website, they will see the view shown below in the screenshot, once they click on the button, it will use those many points to create a discount code, apply the discount code automatically in background and open the shopify checkout page.

Here a product of 1599 can be bought using 1559 + 800 points. Similarly you can add this button too on your product description page for your customers to buy with points

Setting the offer

Now on nector dashboard, scroll to the Offer section and define the offer based on which the points to $ conversion will happen. To define the offer click on the Add button, and choose an offer as per your business needs.

For ex: Based on the business logic, a business can create an offer, where 1 point = $1, or 100 points = $10 etc.

After the offer has been setup, you will need to add the Buy With Points app block in your live theme's product description page.

By default the Buy With Points will be shown even if buyer is logged-out, and when the buyer click on it, it will take take them to your website's login page. To hide the Buy With Points when the buyer is logged-out simply check the Hide button if customer is not logged in. After all the changes click on the Update button to save the changes.

Adding the buy with points app block on product description page

Shopify merchant who are on themes which does not support app blocks, please contact us via live chat on nector dashboard or at for more info

Visit your shopify admin panel and click on Online Store

Now, click on Customize button of the currently active theme, that will open the editor from where we can add the app blocks.

Now to add the Buy With Points on the product description page switch to Product Description Page view, check the below screenshot for more info

Now, on the left side, scroll until you find Add Block button and click on it. A popup will open, search for Nector Buy With Points app block and add it. Please check below screenshot for reference.

Click on Save button after all the changes to save everything.

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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