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Advanced Order Rewarding

This article explains how to define additional rewards when customers place orders.

Visit the Advanced Order Rewarding Page. You can also find it under Orders in the Loyalty Features Page inside the Loyalty Program.

As first step enable the advanced order rewarding feature by toggling the status button on that page. After enabling you will see the below view.

Scroll to the Order Placed Reward section and define the reward.

Here are few use cases where you might find advanced order rewarding useful:

You want to reward the user for an a large number of consecutive orders such as 3rd order, or nth order
You want to reward customers when they have spent a large amount on the store ex : over $500 worth of shopping on your store

To define the rewards click on the Add button, and choose a reward as per your business needs.

You can reward coins, give fixed or percentage discount coupons on orders, or free shipping discounts.

The reward setup here will be disbursed as soon as the order is placed. There are no checks done for the order fulfillment or delivery status here.

To enable or disable the advanced order rewarding just toggle the status at the top of the page.

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Customize the Reward for Placing an Order

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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